Reworked SAP Customer OnDemand solution focuses on building customer loyalty

Infotech Lead Europe:SAP AG announced new capabilities for the SAP Customer OnDemand solution that empowers businesses to know their customers like never before and guide them through each step of the buyer’s journey to convert customers into loyal brand advocates. The solution re-imagines what customer-centricity means for enterprises today by combining the advantages of consumer-grade design, social, mobile and cloud technology with deep customer insight and awareness-to-cash process automation.SAP Customer OnDemand is designed for marketing, sales and service organizations. It comprises of the SAP Sales OnDemand, SAP Service OnDemand and SAP Social OnDemand solutions and the SAP Social Media Analytics application by NetBase.

Most CRM applications today are unable to gather insight into each stage of the buyer’s journey across multiple platforms. Analyzing back-office systems to get information about customer-specific processes such as pricing, quotes and sales orders is a costly, tedious and time-consuming affair. SAP is the only company that can easily integrate with any environment – using cloud or hybrid solutions – to surface the insight and execute the processes that deliver a new level of customer-centricity.

With SAP Customer OnDemand, SAP empowers people through a consumer-grade user experience, purposeful collaboration and insightful analytics for sales, service and marketing professionals across businesses of all sizes. The latest innovations from SAP Customer OnDemand are geared toward delivering a personalized customer experience.

The new home page for SAP Customer OnDemand gives sales professionals a consumer-grade user experience. The dashboard provides sales professionals information about the customer to convert the sale from lead-to-cash. Sales professionals can personalize the home page using the drag-and-drop interface to make it more suitable to their specific needs.

New offline capabilities for the iPad application for SAP Customer OnDemand gives sales people have complete customer insight on the go, even without a cell signal. The new “sales assistant” provides guided selling that helps ensure representatives are leveraging best practices, delivering the right message and making each customer engagement personalized at every stage of the sale.

Additional communication channels in SAP Service OnDemand and SAP Social OnDemand now include a powerful self-service Web portal and an interface for computer-telephony integration (CTI). Customer service agents can now leverage branded online communities, websites for product ratings and customer reviews with pre-built integration into Bazaarvoice, a social commerce company that enables customer-powered marketing.

Customer service leaders can now access service information on-the-go with the new iPad application for the SAP Customer Insight mobile app. Product registration and warranty features enable customer service agents to identify targeted upsell and cross-sell opportunities with their clients.

With new scheduled alerting capabilities in SAP Social Media Analytics, marketers can stay on top of the latest social media trends across the globe. This powerful feature has added support for 19 new languages — from Arabic to Vietnamese. The new “Focus Wizard,” provides a streamlined approach to topic refinement so that marketers can access research topics faster than ever and evaluate the quality of any social Web topic they wish to analyze. Filters eliminate irrelevant information to provide only necessary information.

Continued investment and quarterly updates across SAP Customer OnDemand enable sales, service and marketing organizations to understand, engage and delight customers like never before at every stage of the customer journey.

SAP’s partnership with FanAppz, a personalized marketing platform for social media, allows marketers to deliver compelling experiences on their social media pages, driving engagement and capturing social data as well as permission to use it.

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