Retailers deploy Intel’s solutions to improve user engagement and inventory management

Infotech Lead America: Costa Coffee, McCormick & Company and METRO GROUP have deployed Intel’s retail solutions to improve consumer engagement and inventory management.

Intel Booth (source: boonbot)

Retailers are facing increasing pressure to explore new ways to engage consumers across online and mobile platforms as well as in traditional storefronts while reducing inventory costs.

Michelle Tinsley, director of Intel’s Retail Solutions Division, said: “Intel is working to provide technology solutions that enable retailers to deliver fun and memorable brand experiences as well as new ways to ensure the goods customers want are immediately available.”

Lost sales from out-of-stock merchandise and deep discounts on overstocked products are estimated to cost retailers $818 billion annually.

Intel, in association with METRO GROUP, has developed a new solution that harnesses Intel-based technology to monitor inventory and reduce costs.

METRO GROUP hypermarket REAL is using digital shelf labels installed on end-cap displays to increase awareness for new products and instantly change product pricing on soon-to-expire items. The shelf labels contain an LCD module that can display price, product information and high-definition video. The content management system runs on an Intel Core processor-based platform with Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) that allows the retailer to update pricing and reduce costs associated with regularly updating price tags.

61 percent of U.S. consumers rely on product reviews before making a purchase decision. Intel is working with retailers such as McCormick & Company and Costa Coffee to develop fun and interactive experiences for consumers, in hopes of leaving a positive, lasting brand perception.

McCormick & Company developed an engaging intelligent in-store experience designed to educate customers on the brand and its range of flavors. Powered by Intel Core processors, the digital experience is deployed at the McCormick World of Flavors Store in Baltimore where it consistently achieves 70-75 percent guest usage.

Costa Coffee worked with Intel to develop an intelligent self-serve espresso bar that provides customers with quality espresso drinks in areas not feasible for a storefront. Using Intel Audience Impression Metric Suite, Costa Coffee is able to better understand consumer preferences anonymously and can offer the right product mix in each location.

The Intel-based machines are currently deployed in 2,500 locations in the United Kingdom, with plans to expand into new markets throughout 2013.

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