Retail group KOJ deploys Oracle talent management cloud

Middle East retail group Kamal Osman Jamjoom (KOJ) has deployed Oracle Talent Management Cloud, part of Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud toe improve process efficiency and achieve cost savings.

KOJ worked with Infosys to implement Oracle HCM Cloud in six weeks.

Oracle HCM Cloud enables KOJ’s automated business process workflows and analytics to deliver superior insights to senior management and human resources teams.


Using Oracle HCM Cloud for performance management, the overall administrative effort for KOJ’s entire performance appraisal process has been reduced by half. KOJ estimates that the individual employee and manager level effort has also been reduced by 25 percent.

Upendra Kohli, vice president, regional head-South East Asia, Middle East & Africa, Infosys, said: “The new performance management system will enable KOJ’s business teams to streamline its human capital management processes and improve productivity and reporting capabilities, as well as employee engagement experience.”

Using Oracle-certified RapidStart implementation methodology, Infosys was able to help KOJ deploy one unified performance management system in 32 working days, said Thameem Rizvon, IT director, KOJ.

Richard Winsor, group chief financial officer, KOJ, said: “I have a status chart where I can see all of my reports here on a clear dashboard. We already have a 90 percent completion rate of phase one. I can see what’s happening at a store level, something I could not do before.”

The system was implemented in English and Arabic for more than 3,500 employees, representing a global mix of 50 nationalities spread across 650 stores for 12 brands, in six GCC countries.

“This implementation has resulted in significant improvements in accessibility and reporting,” said Ian Halliwell, group human resources director, KOJ. “Particularly in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), where we faced difficulties tracking and collating summaries and documents over such a vast geographical area. However now we can track and monitor appraisal completion rates in real time.”

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