Red Hat launches advanced PaaS offering OpenShift Enterprise 2.1

Open source solutions provider Red Hat has launched OpenShift Enterprise 2.1, an advanced version of its on-premise Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering.

Aimed at enabling DevOps practices through the delivery of new capabilities within the PaaS platform that bring development and operations closer together, OpenShift Enterprise 2.1 allows enterprises to deliver a powerful cloud application platform to meet developer demands.

With OpenShift Enterprise 2.1, Red Hat is introducing consolidated log and metrics management, offering new versions of application programming languages, increasing application availability with a new concept of zones and regions, exposing a new plugin interface that will allow operations to better integrate existing policy orchestration into the PaaS platform.

OpenShift Enterprise was introduced in November 2012 with the focus on delivering innovation through four product releases designed to meet expanding customer requirements for a cloud-based application platform.

OpenShift Enterprise 2.1 aims to drive PaaS innovation further through rapid feature introduction on a platform that provides a trusted and stable architecture that developers have come to expect from an enterprise-class PaaS.

Updated MySQL 5.5, Python 3.3, PHP 5.4, and MongoDB 2.4 cartridges with OpenShift Enterprise entitlement, ability for applications provided by OpenShift to intelligently span infrastructure across zones within regions, increasing the resiliency of the services provided by OpenShift, are some of the features of OpenShift Enterprise 2.1.

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