Red Hat JBoss Fuse adds more clients

Red Hat has announced that global companies like AMD, American Product Distributors, Avianca, Color Line, and Telegraph Media Group, have deployed Red Hat’s open source integration technology, JBoss Fuse.

These companies have selected JBoss Fuse to become more agile and competitive in the fast-paced digital marketplace.

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) has deployed JBoss Fuse on its existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform and improved its accuracy and speed of delivery of critical information.

American Product Distributors (APD) using JBoss Fuse has built its eLink Gateway solution on Red Hat JBoss Middleware to integrate internal environments and customer systems alike.

Additionally, Avianca revamped its integration environment using JBoss Fuse to support four main critical business applications and provide fully standardized services to its customers.
Red Hat

Red Hat JBoss Fuse was selected by Color Line as the company was frustrated by lack of flexibility and being locked into an uncertain future with its existing integration platform.

Meanwhile, Telegraph Media Group used JBoss Fuse to create an integration platform that makes it easier to introduce compelling new digital content to its audiences, quickly and cost-effectively.

JBoss Fuse has also enabled Telegraph Media Group to respond to the global news agenda and give its readers new insights.

“Our goal was to create an innovative model that couldn’t be replicated in the marketplace, and the Red Hat solution met that challenge,” said Cy Kennedy, chief executive officer, American Product Distributors.

“We are not only able to save money as a result of migrating from our previous proprietary solution to Red Hat JBoss Fuse, but we’ve gained a trusted partner who understands our business,” said Gade Gorbitz, chief information officer, Color Line.


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