Red Hat introduces Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform

Red Hat has introduced Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform to run, orchestrate and scale multi-container-based applications and services.

Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform is an integrated infrastructure platform which is available through an early access program.

The company said Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform is based on Linux and provides the foundation for production scale container deployments.

Red Hat will offer integrated family of open source container-enabling platforms, from bare-metal Red Hat Enterprise Linux, to a scale out container orchestration platform, to full Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions.

Company officials said Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform is designed to enable organizations to orchestrate consistently across traditional and cloud-native applications and scale to meet changing business demands.

Red Hat’s container-specific operating system built from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, allow expansive deployments of container-based applications while the Docker container runtime and packaging format simplify the creation and deployment of Linux containers.

Red Hat

Additionally, Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform offers container orchestration with Kubernetes which enable enterprises to deliver modern applications composed of multiple containers orchestrated automatically across a cluster of hosts.

Also, enhanced container security and cluster-wide infrastructure services are offered by newly launched platform.

Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform is available via a Red Hat Partner Early Access Program to existing Red Hat partners and customers as well as prospects.

“The true value of Linux containers does not lie with one or two containerized applications deployed into production; rather, it’s Linux containers at scales of hundreds or thousands that deliver the promised innovation of flexible, composable applications,” said Paul Cormier, president, Products and Technologies, Red Hat.

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