Red Hat explains how it assisted Lufthansa Technik to move to hybrid cloud

Open source solutions provider Red Hat has explained how it assisted Lufthansa Technik, a provider of aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, to move to a hybrid cloud infrastructure running on Microsoft’s Azure public cloud.
2018 Red Hat SummitLufthansa Technik has partnered with Red Hat to create AVIATAR to enable aviation industry customers to work together and provide digital offerings to improve the customer experience.

Lufthansa Technik with the support of Red Hat’s Linux container and automation technologies paired with agile DevOps processes can develop and deploy new applications quickly.

Lufthansa Technik has set up a hybrid cloud environment using both Azure and on-premise infrastructure to run AVIATAR’s application services. This enables the company to more quickly deploy new components and provide a public cloud option for AVIATAR users.

Red Hat software capabilities — from automation to storage to self-service provisioning —

help Lufthansa Technik’s development and operations teams to work together more effectively.

Lufthansa Technik’s data scientists, airplane engineers and developers are able to collaborate on internal and third-party applications for material planners, engineers, and other end users, to predict events and, help to save time and money.

Lufthansa Technik’s IT and developer teams can use modern practices and processes, from DevOps and automation to modular and microservices-based infrastructure components to quickly iterate on new ideas and bring applications to market in weeks.

In addition, Lufthansa Technik’s IT and developer teams can do writing new applications without waiting for any provisioned infrastructure, enabling developers to start delivering business value in a few days.

“With Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on Microsoft Azure, we can start implementing a new application immediately, without waiting for any infrastructure, allowing us to produce results in a few days and have a minimum viable product after several weeks,” said Johannes Hansen, senior director application development & user experience, Digital Fleet Solutions, Lufthansa Technik.

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