Red Hat develops JBoss Data Grid 7 for real-time data analytics

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Red Hat announced the general availability of its JBoss Data Grid 7, the latest version of its in-memory data management technology.

Red Hat said this technology can be used as a distributed cache, NoSQL database, or event broker.  It is designed to help organizations generate insights for continuous business optimization through real-time data analytics.

JBoss Data Grid 7 addresses the need for faster data processing by introducing new integration with Apache Spark, an open source framework for developing data-intensive applications.

Red Hat said Spark processes data in-memory, and when paired with an in-memory data store such as JBoss Data Grid, helps eliminate traditional bottlenecks.

JBoss Data Grid is also now fully supported as a Hadoop-compliant data source. Support for Hadoop InputFormat and OutputFormat enables the use of many analytics tools that integrate with the Hadoop I/O format.

Additional enhancements in JBoss Data Grid 7 include simplified distributing computing operations based on the Java 8 stream API, remote task and script execution, expanded polyglot support, and various ease-of-use and administration improvements.

JBoss Data Grid is available for download by members of the Red Hat Developers community. Customers can get the latest updates from the Red Hat Customer Portal.

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