Quantum Corp adds LTFS tape to vmPRO software

Infotech Lead America: Quantum Corp has updated its Quantum vmPRO software to leverage Scalar LTFS tape technology and provide user accessible searchable archive capabilities for VMware data.

The vmPRO 3.1 brings open standard data protection and archive capabilities to virtualized environments. The new software simplifies management and improves performance and workload efficiency for backing up virtual machines in their native VMware (VMDK) format.

With Quantum vmPRO 3.1, companies can access and recover backup and archive VM data from disk, tape or cloud across its lifecycle. As VMs are backed up in native state, users can instantly boot VMs from any remote site. This feature ensures future-proof flexibility to adopt the latest backup technology.

Quantum vmPRO can be easily deployed for backup and recovery. Users can browse, search and retrieve individual files from any standard file browser with drag and drop simplicity. Automatic configuration, protection and aggregated management for multiple Quantum vmPRO virtual appliance deployments help reduce administrative time.

Quantum vmPRO has HotAdd support from VMware and the ability to perform multiple backup jobs simultaneously. It has been updated to efficiently read only what is truly necessary for a backup job.

Quantum has also announced the new DXi V4000 – a virtual solution which provides 24 TB of usable capacity for deduplication, encryption and replication to DXi appliances as well as Q-Cloud, Quantum’s cloud backup and disaster recovery solution which was launched last year.

The DXi V-Series can be combined with the vmPRO 3.1, for a simple, native, all-virtual data protection solution that works with existing customer environments.

Earlier this year Quantum Corp reported that the DXi6800’s patented inline deduplication technology, file system software and metadata management delivers up to 16 TB/hour performance, four times that of the market leader.

Quantum Corp recently integrated its Q-Cloud backup and disaster recovery services with Symantec OpenStorage (OST) technology to provide NetBackup and Backup Exec customers with multiple options for leveraging Q-Cloud’s services.

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