Qualities to look for when hiring an instructional design company

An excellent instructional design business methodically transforms your training requirements into online learning courses tailored to meet your specific needs. But choosing the one that will best align with your brand and objectives may take time and effort.
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If you are looking for a reliable instructional design company that’s a good fit for your organization, we are here to help you out. 

In this article, we will discuss the top eight qualities to look for in an instructional design firm to determine its level of dependability.

Should Be Organized In Its Approach

Since creating a training course can be highly complicated, you need a set procedure to ensure the project’s direction and relevance are aligned with your objectives. You want to be sure that the design firm isn’t winging it and that they are instead following a tried-and-tested approach. 

However, there should be a scope of flexibility on the part of the instructional design company. They ought to be willing to change their process as and when needed.  

Should Have Background In Training

Learning & Development professionals with considerable experience in training should be a part of the core team of your design company. It is necessary because they have incomparable knowledge and field experience. Their opinions and insights can drastically improve the training course you are considering for your employees. 

Also, when experts are a part of the team, they bring subject matter expertise to the table, which can help ensure you offer your employees current and accurate knowledge. 

Additionally, experienced professionals thoroughly understand clients’ requirements. They can offer suitable online training solutions since they have assessed their clients’ challenges first-hand.

Should Be Able To Present You With A Strong Portfolio Of Their Clients

Examining their clientele and the kinds of jobs they’ve accomplished is one approach to ensuring you are hiring a company with the experience and skills needed to do the job right. 

You can look for the number and type of clients they have worked with. You may also determine if they have dealt with businesses of comparable size. 

It pays to have experience working with businesses in similar sectors as your own. They could provide cutting-edge information, suggestions, and best practices for your course. They will also be in a better position to tackle challenges and may have answers to most of your questions. 

Should Be Well-Versed In eLearning Technology 

Creating an eLearning course demands a team that is well-versed in technology. Since everything will be digital, being tech-savvy is indispensable. 

When finding an instructional design company, look for an organization that understands technology and can simplify the same for you. 

Additionally, it’s best to find a reputable firm with the knowledge of using various eLearning tools, including authoring tools, learning management systems, web conferencing software, and more. This experience will enable them to assist you in choosing the most suitable tool for your objectives. 

Should Be Particular About Sticking To Timelines And Budgets

An excellent instructional design business would stick to the project’s budget and schedule. It will lay out a thorough, workable plan for creating the course that will give you a general idea of how long each stage typically takes to develop. Timelines should include Stakeholder reviews as well.

Additionally, instructional design firms that follow the best practices will calculate the overall expenses of the materials and labor needed for the project. And in turn, will be able to present to you with a precise budget. 

It is not just the presentation of the schedule and budget that is important, but also the firm’s ability to deliver on their promise. 

Should Culturally Fit With Your Organization

Even if the firm you choose to work with checks all the experience and competence boxes, make sure they fit in well with your organizational culture.

Work with a partner who respects your values and perceptions. If your cultural norms don’t match theirs, you’re setting yourself up for a poor experience. It may even lead to creating a training course against your morals and principles.

Should Consist Of A Team With Various Skill Sets

Instructional design is not simply a group of multimedia developers and designers stacking the content on the screen and creating voiceover videos for your organization. 

A solid instructional design organization will have L&D specialists, subject matter experts, and trained instructional designers. Their team should comprise people who will contribute uniquely and effectively to your course creation efforts. The perfect combination of experts from several sectors, including technology, multimedia, project management, and training, should be present.

Should Have A Strategic Perspective 

Indeed, establishing objectives and a plan for creating training courses for your organization is crucial. But if both are determined before the instructional design company has analyzed the business problem and performance gaps, it may go in vain. 

You must find a company that is passionate and determined to help you find the right solution to your problem rather than just build another course for you. They must gauge the bigger picture and create a course that meets their objectives and aligns with your unique business goals. 

Should Go Beyond Creating A Course 

After-sale services are just as important as prior experiences. While you may only be looking for a company that will create a course for you, it often goes beyond design. 

Ensuring your employees are motivated to finish your training course or offering additional resources and assessments to corporate learners is a part of the custom learning experience that a good and reliable instructional design company provides to its clients. 


A specific combination of abilities, knowledge, and experience is necessary to create effective learning and online training materials for your employees. 

There are good and bad instructional design companies, just like in any other field. Using the qualities and skills of an excellent instructional design business stated above can significantly boost your chances of finding a reliable one that aligns with your organizational value and culture. 

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