Qognify launches video monitoring tool Object Origin

Qognify, formerly known as NICE Security, on Monday launched Object Origin, a video monitoring and analytics tool that can analyze hours of recorded surveillance video within seconds to detect the first appearance of suspicious objects or vehicles. The technology will be showcased at ASIS 2015, the security industry trade show.

“Time, accuracy, and thoroughness are of the essence in critical situations, and Object Origin is yet another innovative application that provides our customers with unprecedented operational intelligence, enhancing security and safety,” said Moti Shabtai, president of Qognify.

“It has broad applications and will be especially valuable to security authorities responsible for transportation hubs, municipalities, tourist sites, and high-traffic commercial areas. Qognify’s Object Origin will make a real difference, both in terms of public safety and business continuity.”

The company claimed that coupled with Qognify Suspect Search, Object Origin can significantly speed up the search for a person of interest. Once Object Origin has identified the individuals who had the object in their possession, Suspect Search can use that captured image to reveal that person’s last known location or current whereabouts.

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