QlikView to drive fire brigade Amsterdam-Amstelland to map risks

Infotech Lead America: The fire brigade Amsterdam-Amstelland has deployed QlikView to map the risks in the region and proactively respond to those risks.

QlikTech, a provider of Business Discovery – user-driven Business Intelligence (BI), says QlikView serves as the basis for a risk profile that combines 600,000 objects in Amsterdam – buildings, rails, roads – and possible incident types like house fires, traffic accidents and carbon monoxide poisoning.

It then displays this information in conjunction with the recording of actual incidents and data from the Key Addresses and Buildings (BAG-register). This delivers 12 million possible incidents that the fire brigade can precisely anticipate.

The fire brigade Amsterdam-Amstelland uses the digital risk profile to calculate the risks as accurately as possible. The risks are mapped considering that the probability of an incident is multiplied with its effect. Users can also zoom in on the fire incident types to see which incident is most common in which location.

This risk profile helps improve the fire brigade management’s steering capabilities. They can provide an accurate training plan, focusing on the risks in the area where a fire fighter is employed. The fire districts, municipal districts and neighbourhoods can be better informed about specific risks.  All information is available real-time and the system is designed to allow other brigades to work with the data as well.

QlikTech partner Incentro was responsible for the implementation of QlikView.

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