QlikView enables HDFC Life to reduce response time by 50 percent

Business Intelligence (BI) vendor QlikTech says life insurance firm HDFC Life has reduced response times by 50 percent by using QlikView Business Discovery platform.

The India-based life insurance firm deployed QlikView Business Discovery platform to increase customer satisfaction, accelerate business growth, and provide its senior management with a strategic decision making model.

QlikView is also assisting HDFC Life to draw insights from customer data as well as sales performance to predict customer lifecycle management and determine what their most effective customer engagement strategies are.

“QlikView has given our senior management a holistic view of our business. Decisions are made efficiently based on concrete evidence, and our data no longer exist in silos,” said V Ananthanarayanan, associate vice president, Business Insights, HDFC Life.

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HDFC Life deployed QlikView to strategic decision makers in key business functions in under four weeks. Decision makers at HDFC Life can access dashboards to measure and analyze critical data. For example, they are able to analyze the performance of channel partners spread across India.

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