PUMA selects Salesfloor to enhance customer engagement

PUMA India has partnered with Salesfloor, a leading customer engagement platform, to enhance its customer relations and deliver a personalized shopping experience.
Puma.mobileSalesfloor combines immersive virtual shopping, clienteling, and conversational AI to unify PUMA’s online and in-store experiences.

PUMA, a leading sports brand, has integrated a special widget into its native digital platform, Puma.com, allowing users to connect with store associates or style consultants in real-time. This feature provides customers shopping online for PUMA products with personalized advice on sizing, styling, and product recommendations through seamless online chats, video interactions, and personalized outreach.

The implementation of this solution in India marks the first market where PUMA is introducing this innovative approach. Currently, the Salesfloor solution has been launched in 80 PUMA stores across the country, following a successful pilot in 2022.

“We noted a positive response and an increase in customer adoption to the personalized shopping feature when we first conducted the Salesfloor pilot at our stores in 2022. We will expand the rollout to more stores in 2023,” Vishal Gupta, Executive Director – Retail at PUMA India, said.

In addition to its extensive physical retail presence with 480 stores, PUMA also operates native digital shopping platforms like Puma.com and the PUMA shopping app in India, catering to the fitness and sporting needs of its customers.

Salesfloor’s customer engagement platform has proven successful for renowned brands such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Holt Renfrew, Bloomingdale’s, Ben Bridge Jeweler, Chico’s, and more. These brands have experienced improved online conversion rates, larger basket sizes, and reduced return rates by utilizing Salesfloor’s solutions.

“By delivering a more targeted and tailored online and in-store experience, PUMA India will enhance customer engagement and loyalty, and ultimately drive business growth,” said Oscar Sachs, CEO of Salesfloor.