Proact offers Holmatro back-up environment based on EMC Amavar

Infotech Lead Europe: Holmatro, a supplier of hydraulic resources, has signed a three-year deal with Proact for supplying and supporting a new backup environment.

Proact, a software solutions provider with almost 25 years of experience in the software solutions business and with the supply chain management industry, was selected to provide a back-up environment based on EMC Avamar.

Holmatro was looking for a back-up environment for its national and international offices. This involved renewal of the Dutch offices. The new environment provided by Proact will permanently resolve the problems arising from the bottleneck between Holmatro’s data and back-up servers while reducing the back-up window.

The solution makes it possible to link up new data servers in China, the USA and UK seamlessly to the central environment in the Netherlands, if required in future.

Unlike traditional back-up software that deduplicates data on the back-up server, the EMC Avamar solution does this on the servers, work stations and/or laptops themselves. The software is designed to back-up only the data that has changed. These main features result in far smaller quantities of data having to be backed-up daily, eliminating possible problems and successfully securing Holmatro’s  offices abroad as well.

Lucas den Os, managing director of Proact in the Netherlands, comments, “The EMC Avamar solution fits perfectly in Proact’s approach of providing best in-class innovative products and services. We are really proud that a global player such as Holmatro has chosen this back-up environment from Proact and hope to welcome many more Holmatro offices on board in future.”

Proact’s easy to administer solution includes wholly owned, 24×7 support for hardware and software.

Last year Proact helped Stratiteq, a Swedish business and IT consultancy specialized in integrated solutions within CRM to increase data security, facilitate future testing and development and update its storage infrastructure and backup in the Proact cloud.


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