Poplar switches to Rimini Street to manage SAP and Sybase deployments

Poplar, a convenience store chain in Japan, has switched to Rimini Street Support   for its SAP BusinessObjects and Sybase IQ Database software.
Rimini Street for CIOs
The company aims to restructure its business to maintain business continuity in the wake of the Covid19 pandemic, cut costs and develop new commerce to help the company thrive in the convenience store market in Japan.

Poplar will be switching to Rimini Street Support in order to ensure support on their current releases for a minimum of 15 years and can avoid unnecessary upgrades.

Poplar, which operates convenience stores in more than 450 locations, has deployed SAP Sybase IQ and BusinessObjects in 2013 to manage its point-of-sales analysis for each store chain, measure revenue per product and aid with product development by tracking past sales data.

The company uses its SAP software to deliver 500 reports. The company’s SAP software, which has been heavily customized, meets their business needs, however under SAP support, upgrades and patches were required to continue to receive full support and maintenance.

Poplar began to seek alternatives after identifying the high maintenance and support costs it was paying SAP compared with the low quality of support they were experiencing. The company also had no desire to continue on the vendor’s upgrade path.

“With Rimini Street, we can maximize the value and ROI of our current SAP software system and receive far greater support than we received from the vendor,” said Ayumu Yamaoka, vice president, IT Department at Poplar.

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