Polaris launches OmniWeb iRetail to enhance shopping experience

Polaris Enterprise Solution Limited (PESL) has launched its next generation OmniWeb experience for its flagship product iRetail to enhance shopping experience.

iRetail aligns store technologies to address the changing needs of the customer by making the modern retail experience more efficient.

The company said iRetail is a comprehensive feature rich, scalable and robust application, enabling fully integrated multi-channel retail.

Additionally, businesses can go global as the solution supports multi country and multi-currency functions for mid and large format retailers.

Also, OmniWeb provides a complete omni-channel experience to customers by maintaining single view of customer and inventory across brick and mortar, mobile and web.

Polaris Enterprise Solution Limited

Company officials said single view of inventory brings economy of scale and reduces cost associated with stale location specific inventory while single view of customer ensures consistent shopping experience across different channels.

Customers can have options like ‘buy on web, pick at any store’, click to deliver to any address, merchandise return at any location etc which enhance shopping experience for customers.

The product is apt for different retail business models like – Company Owned-Company Operated (CoCo), Company Owned-Franchisee Operated (CoFo), and Franchisee Owned-Franchisee Operated (FoFo).

“By adopting the right technology, Retailers can create a competitive advantage by creating customer loyalty across channel,” said Ed Khatuka, CEO and head for the Retail Products Business, Polaris Enterprise Solutions Limited.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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