Persistent Systems CTO R Venkateswaran shares technology trends for 2013

Infotech Lead Asia: Persistent Systems CTO R Venkateswaran has shared technology trends and recommendations for 2013.

The report is based on external data and input from Persistent Systems’ customers that include 300 technology companies, start-ups and innovative enterprises.

“2013 marks a turning point as certain key technologies in cloud computing, mobility, analytics and collaboration have emerged to form the backbone of next-generation products and enterprise applications,” said R Venkateswaran, CTO of Persistent Systems.

The global cloud computing market will grow from a $40.7 billion in 2011 to $241 billion in 2020 according to a recent Forrester research report. True to this trend, over the past year, we have seen more than a 30 percent increase in Cloud based projects.

Persistent has seen a significant growth in Mobility related projects in the past year, with a majority of customers looking for some mobile footprint for their software products, be it on smartphones or tablets.

In 2011, 73 million tablets were sold worldwide and in 2012 the figure is expected to reach 117 million. In 2012, at least 20 percent of Persistent projects had a mobility element covering Android and/or iOS platforms while embracing new technologies like HTML5.

In 2012, Big Data has been the most talked about trend in analytics but adoption is still in the early stages. Persistent expects there will be increasing momentum around larger and more significant big data implementations in the coming year, specifically centered around Cloud, Social Media and Mobility.

Interest in developing niche social networks, given the success of the generic social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is on the rise. Persistent has seen interest in building social networks for philanthropic initiatives, non-governmental organizations and special interest groups.

More than 26 percent of Persistent’s client projects this past year included plans to implement social collaboration features into their products. Automated Digital Curation, Gamification, Augmented Reality and Customer Engagement via Social Media, are all technologies of growing importance.

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