People’s United Financial improves customer experience

People’s United Financial has modernized the customer experience after the deployment of solutions from Yext, the AI Search Company, Virtusa and Adobe.
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People’s United recently redesigned its website with Adobe Experience Manager. In addition, People’s United selected Virtusa’ Launchpad platform to integrate Answers and Yext’s site search solution.

Virtusa, as a Yext Alliances Partner, seamlessly implemented and replaced the bank’s search experience. Yext, an Adobe Premier Partner, worked with Adobe to improve the bank’s new search functionality by adding information about locations, FAQs, and products.

People’s United was able to answer customers’ direct, natural language questions right on its website, reducing the burden on its support centers and increasing lead generation. The launch of Yext Answers assisted in about a 50 percent and as much as 70 percent reduction in unnecessary support call volume in the months following its launch compared to the months before.

By integrating locations into the Yext search experience with Adobe AEM, People’s United saw an estimated 15x annualized return on investment (ROI) on the platform — a number that rose to 35x annualized ROI when including locations, FAQs, and products.

“We’ve seen some pretty impressive results — from an uptick in search volume to one-stop searches where people actually find what they need the first time around,” James Roy, Head of Digital at People’s United Bank, said.

“Yext, Adobe, and Virtusa’s success with People’s United Bank showcases the benefits that companies in financial services can reap just by providing customers with a consistent, intuitive search experience,” Shane Closser, Head of Industry for Financial Services at Yext, said.