Oracle’s Sun ZFS storage appliances beat NetApp FAS 3250 hollow

Infotech Lead America: Oracle shared the benefits of its Sun ZFS Storage Appliances for Oracle’s new SPARC T5 and M5 servers running Oracle Solaris.  Sun ZFS Storage Appliances provide data storage for Oracle Exadata Database Machine, SPARC SuperCluster, Oracle’s SPARC T5 servers, and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud.

Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliances empowers Oracle’s new mid-range  SPARC T5 and M5 servers with the high throughput, high performance storage required by Oracle Database and other heavy I/O enterprise applications.

Sun ZFS storage appliances, used alongwith SPARC T5 and M5 servers enable customers to  service thousands of I/O requests in parallel with up to 80 CPU cores, 5 times more than the NetApp FAS 3250. The appliances also accelerate data transfer through the system and to clients with up to 200 GB/s memory bandwidth, 9 times the NetApp FAS 3250.

Oracle’s storage appliances enable 4 times more quick data delivery and lower latency for databases and applications with 40Gb/s InfiniBand client networking, and 50 times more quicker access to big data than NetApp, with upto 2 TB of memory. It also accelerated I/Os 7 times more than NetApp FAS 3250 with 14.5 TB of total Flash cache.

According to Gartner, Oracle saw another tough quarter with a 23.7 percent drop in revenue as it continues to convince users of its long-term commitment to the storage market. Oracle suffered the most from the sluggish pace of growth of the storage market during the end of 2012.

The company continues to adopt a ‘complete stack’ approach by supplying hardware (the former Sun and StorageTek businesses), operating system (Linux), database, and applications.

The combination of the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, SPARC servers running Oracle Solaris and Oracle Solaris Cluster will help the cause of business continuance and application availability with automated multi-site clustering.

Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliances also provide deep integration with Oracle Database, help reduce overall storage footprint and accelerate access to data sets processed on SPARC T5 and M5 servers with Oracle Solaris.

Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, SPARC T5 servers and Oracle Solaris form the foundation for Oracle Optimized Solutions, which enables customers to clone production database systems up to 50 times faster than traditional manual methods. Hybrid Columnar Compression shrinks the size of historical data in data warehouses to reduce load time by 80 percent.

Engineered for the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, Oracle Snap Management Utility for Oracle Database allows Oracle Database administrators to directly manage snapshots, clones and restores on the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance. Administrators can save time otherwise spent on routine tuning, troubleshooting and repairs to focus on work at the system level, which is much more in tune with business needs.

As traditional storage management practices started becoming obsolete and began wiping out the savings that would have been made through the the cost of managing storage, Oracle recruited two storage-experienced executives from cloud storage service startup Nirvanix; Steve Zivanic and Scott Genereux to help the company sharpen its focus on the storage business.


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