Oracle virtual networking simplifies cloud infrastructure and operations

Infotech Lead America: Oracle has launched Oracle Virtual Networking, the open architecture data center fabric that retains the advantages of network virtualization while complementing existing LAN and SAN resources.

Oracle Virtual Networking offers data center fabric with up to 80 Gb/sec bandwidth to the server and now supports Oracle’s SPARC T5, T4 and M5 servers and Oracle Solaris 11 on both SPARC and x86 platforms.

Oracle Virtual Networking helps customers improve application performance by 4 times, reduce infrastructure complexity by 70 percent, cut LAN and SAN capital expenditures by 50 percent and accelerate virtual machine migrations by 19 times. New services can be provisioned and reconfigured within minutes.

Oracle Virtual Networking enables all attached servers to connect to existing LANs and SANs using standard Ethernetand Fibre Channel semantics and provides a low latency, high bandwidth fabric for server-to-server, and server-to-storage traffic.

SPARC T5 and T4 server customers can use Oracle virtual networking to build and deploy cutting-edge applications, deliver new cloud services and consolidate older SPARC/Oracle Solaris applications onto a flexible fabric without service disruption.

Virtual Networking supports Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Microsoft Windows and leading hypervisors including Oracle VM, VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Oracle Virtual Networking can deliver larger server pools with scalable I/O. Configuration having eight Oracle Fabric Interconnects can scale up to 1,000 servers and 128,000 cores using Oracle’s SPARC T5 systems.

Oracle Virtual Networking enables customers to run more VMs per server to get reliable performance for mission-critical applications with granular quality of service controls. Customers can create up to 16,000 private Ethernet layer-2 networks inside a single fabric while maintaining necessary network security in multi-tenant cloud environment.

The recent release of Oracle Fabric Manager 4.1 unifies management for SPARC and x86 systems deployed with the Oracle Fabric Interconnect.

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