Oracle unveils new in-memory applications for Oracle’s PeopleSoft

Oracle has launched Real Time Bottom Line with two new applications for PeopleSoft Financials customers.

The two applications include Oracle’s PeopleSoft In-Memory Financial Position Analyzer and Oracle’s PeopleSoft Financial Allocations Analyzer. They help CFOs and financial executives improve decision making with real-time bottom line simulations.

Real Time Bottom leverages real time production data to simulate, analyze and deploy business strategies, helping companies to eliminate the historical latency and accuracy issues that constantly challenge the office of finance, Oracle said. It allows CFOs and finance executives to vastly improve their ability to make strategic decisions early in the financial period. This insight can help organizations increase their profits, avoid obstacles and improve their return on assets, Oracle said.


Engineered for Oracle Engineered Systems, the new Oracle In-Memory Applications are designed to help the office of the CFO drive business performance through faster, well-informed decisions based on real-time simulation of business, organizational and regulatory changes. With these capabilities, CFOs can make swift, strategic decisions without waiting until the financial period closes.

These applications take advantage of the processing capabilities of Oracle Engineered Systems such as Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle SuperCluster and enable real-time simulations designed to help the office of the CFO drive business performance through faster, more strategic decision making.

Using simulation analysis and comparisons, organizations can discover business growth opportunities and capitalize on them, can reduce potential cost risk and take corrective action during the financial period.

They also enable users to process data, conduct analysis and compare financial results faster, enabling them to make quicker and smarter decisions that can positively impact their organization’s bottom line.

Oracle’s engineered systems, servers and storage are engineered together with Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Applications to offer faster performance, greater efficiency, higher availability and near-unlimited scalability.

Running Oracle software on Oracle hardware, customers can lower the total cost of ownership, mitigate risk, improve user productivity and leverage Oracle Enterprise Manager to streamline management while benefiting from the value of a single point of accountability.

While the PeopleSoft In-Memory Financial Position Analyzer takes guesswork out of the equation while PeopleSoft In-Memory Financial Position Analyzer enables organizations to model the impact of material activity through ‘what if’ scenarios and analyze results on more granular levels and expedite business course changes by accessing information that can be shared with stakeholders and line managers.

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