Oracle Tuxedo 12c to provide solution to multiple programming languages

Enterprise IT vendor Oracle has launched Oracle Tuxedo 12c, which provides solutions to different programming languages, a problem faced by many enterprises.

Notwithstanding the multiple language problems, run on different applications, Oracle Tuxedo helps applications to interact clearly.

With this, Oracle Tuxedo, an application server for C, C++, COBOL and Java deployments, helps enterprises to enhance application throughput and curtail the time to market for development and
deployment of application.

It can be deployed for private cloud as well as for traditional data center environments. Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c and Oracle Cloud Application Foundation are the two components of Oracle Tuxedo 12c.

Integrated with Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c, Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and Oracle Entitlements server, Oracle Tuxedo 12c was launched for interoperability with Oracle Web Logic Server 12c and Oracle Real Application Clusters to reduce costs and improve throughput.

Oracle claims that with this solution organizations can increase application performance and availability, simplify monitoring and management, accelerate delivery of new services.

Meanwhile, Oracle has also announced Oracle Tuxedo ART 12c, which helps in expediting migration projects.

InfotechLead News Team