Oracle Social Cloud solution now supports 11 languages

Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM), an Oracle Social Cloud business solution, offers support to new languages, data sources and capabilities.

These 11 languages include Russian, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Korean and Japanese, in addition to English, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish.

The enhancements will assist organizations to meet their social business objectives in hyper-connected global marketplace, Oracle said in a statement.


The company claims that the increased language support gives Oracle SRM and Oracle Social Cloud greater visibility into country-specific social networks, blogs, forums and news sites, and access to more than 700 million messages daily.

With advanced listening and monitoring for the world’s most commonly used languages, Oracle Social Cloud eliminates language barriers and enables organizations to extend their social reach, leading to better social insights and engagement.

Oracle offers natural language processing in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Chinese to provide sophisticated sentiment analysis.

Oracle Social also provides UI and publishing in 31 languages, in addition to the expanding advanced listening, sentiment analysis and data sources.

Meg Bear, Oracle Social Cloud Group Vice President, said: “Removing language barriers is key to improving an organization’s social listening, learning and engagement capabilities.”

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