Oracle Siebel loses out to SugarCRM for Sennheiser’s CRM rollout

Infotech Lead America: Sennheiser Electronic, a manufacturer of microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems, has chosen to implement SugarCRM as its global CRM solution.

SugarCRM was chosen over Oracle Siebel because of its ease of use, flexibility of its CRM platform and the deep support the Sugar suite has for IBM products. Sennheiser relies upon IBM Lotus Notes for email collaboration across their global operations, so the Sugar Plug-In for Lotus Notes will enable Sennheiser employees to connect with their customers better and easily share customer collaboration history with their colleagues. The solution enhances Sennheiser’s 360-degree view of their customers across all interaction channels.

Clint Oram, chief technology officer, SugarCRM, said that the combination of IBM Lotus and Sugar enables Sennheiser to boost effective communications that drive sales. It provides a simple mechanism for archiving and sharing customer email conversations and  also enables Sennheiser users to access customer information stored in Sugar directly from their Lotus Notes client. This approach provides a better understanding of what the customer requires, directly when they are collaborating with their customers.

IBM Lotus and Sugar provides Sennheiser with open architecture and APIs to integrate CRM into its global software architecture, open Cloud and on-site deployment, modular architecture with flexible, easy configuration and next-generation CRM functionality that optimizes the customer experience. The solution offers all CRM functionality inclusive with mobile capabilities.

The CRM solution will be rolled out in more than 24 countries.

SugarCRM CEO Larry Augustin cited that there are approximately 18 million users of commercial CRM with $22 billion dollars in annual spend. According to him, for every one person using CRM today, there are 25 other people who face the customer and are not using CRM, so important that CRM providers understand the needs of every individual customer, empower users to engage with their customers, and then deliver a consistent experience every time.

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