Oracle NetSuite ERP powers Unilab for better management

Oracle NetSuite OneWorld
Oracle NetSuite announced that Unilab, a pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, has deployed NetSuite OneWorld to power its 21 distributors by setting them up as individual business partners.

Unilab upgraded from a 15-year-old locally developed application to a cloud ERP system, enabling its distributors to manage inventory and billing processes of around 10,000 trade accounts such as drug stores, clinics, and groceries.

Unilab is also using OneWorld for sales and data consolidation and multi-subsidiary management. Unilab has streamlined operations for its distributors and has gained more visibility into the channel, which accounts for a significant percentage of its $1 billion annual revenue.

Unilab is the first in the industry to leverage cloud ERP to standardize and stabilize its distributor management program through its project called iSERV 2.0.

NetSuite OneWorld has supported Unilab to realize its goals of real-time data visibility, streamlined distribution process, simplified data consolidation, and strengthened compliance while providing disaster protection through its cloud-based architecture.

Distributors of Unilab use NetSuite for transactions with its trade accounts such as managing the inventory and billing process. Distributors are also able to monitor accounts receivable, inventory status, order status, and credit limits in NetSuite, while Unilab can better track vital data in real time.

Oracle NetSuite gives Unilab better inventory management with lot-tracking capabilities to support compliance of distributors with the FEFO (first expiration, first out) distribution.

OneWorld supports Unilab to centrally manage each of its 21 distributors.