Oracle Mobile Authenticator token-based authentication application launched

Enterprise IT vendor Oracle introduced Oracle Mobile Authenticator, a token-based authentication application that enables organizations to provide strong authentication and prevent unauthorized access to vital company and customer data.

Oracle said the new Mobile Authenticator combines user names and passwords with an additional layer of security at the device level, turning a user’s personal mobile device into an authentication device.

In addition, Oracle Mobile Authentication enables companies to further secure their applications and data, while giving their workforce and customers the freedom to use their preferred personal device.

Oracle Mobile Authenticator runs on mobile devices, generating a time based security code, and a corresponding service that enable applications to accept soft token authentication.

The company said Oracle Mobile Authenticator allows enterprises to use a single access management infrastructure for single sign-on (SSO), federated Web access control, fraud detection, token management and enterprise SSO.

In addition, the application enables organizations to utilize a range of second factors at no additional cost, including soft token generation, Google Authenticator and behavior-based access.

Amit Jasuja, senior vice president of Java and Identity Management, Oracle,

Oracle Mobile Authenticator is available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Amit Jasuja, senior vice president of Java and Identity Management, Oracle, said: “Oracle’s approach to strong authentication enables organizations to take advantage of the growing number of personal devices in the workplace while reducing the cost of authentication.”

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