Oracle Eloqua for life sciences launched

Oracle today announced the launch of Oracle Eloqua for life sciences.

The company said Oracle Eloqua for Life Sciences will address the key demands of marketers in the medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries, which face challenges to reach healthcare providers, payors, and prescription influencers with personalized communications.

Oracle Eloqua for Life Sciences is the latest addition to the Oracle Marketing Cloud.

The company claims that Oracle Eloqua for Life Sciences is a cloud-based solution for marketers in the medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries that offer industry-specific best practices and capabilities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns, Oracle said.

Oracle eloqua

It assists to improve efficiencies in the development and execution of marketing campaigns.

Oracle Eloqua for Life Sciences offers predefined contact and account fields, customized campaign templates based on industry best practices, and life science-specific reporting templates that drive user adoption, optimize performance and help marketing organizations achieve rapid time to value,.

Oracle Eloqua for Life Sciences help marketers target specific healthcare audiences, improve engagement, enhance measurement and produce actionable reporting.

The advanced targeting and segmentation capabilities improve campaign reach and maximize sales staff effectiveness by enabling marketers to personalize engagement and foster conversations with healthcare professionals and prescription influencers.

As per the Oracle press release, the following are the benefits:

Optimized campaign management and execution:

An intuitive user interface specifically designed for the life science industry makes it simple to create campaigns, landing pages and forms, and automate email, demand generation, and content marketing programs.

Fast and accurate targeting:

Oracle Eloqua Targeting and Segmentation technology helps life science marketers increase engagement, improve efficiency and drive sales by quickly and easily delivering relevant, targeted, and meaningful communications across traditional and social channels.

Simplified marketing compliance:

By logging, tracking and sending an exact copy to your system for every communication from marketing, Oracle Eloqua for Life Sciences enables marketers to deploy compliant and approved digital communications across all channels.

Better lead management:

Oracle Eloqua Lead Management helps improve sales team productivity by identifying the best leads and nurturing unqualified, or cold leads, to help move them along the buyer’s journey.

Enhanced customer insight:

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Measurement capabilities provide deep insights into marketing activities and campaign performance, showing impact on qualified sales leads, pipeline and ROI.

Rapid deployment:

With Oracle’s proven methodology and pre-packaged content for eDetailing, medical education events, formulary approval and online product education campaigns, marketers can ensure rapid time to market for marketing campaigns.

Simple integration:

One-click integration enables marketers to quickly and easily integrate actionable customer insights into its existing enterprise applications. The solution also integrates with more than 100 social media and direct mail tools via connectors hosted in the Oracle Eloqua AppCloud.

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