Oracle Database 12c new release powers real-time enterprise

Oracle has unveiled the latest Oracle Database 12c with In-Memory option designed to power real-time enterprise, enabling better and faster business decisions by accelerating the performance of Oracle Database applications.

The new Oracle Database 12c Release allows organizations to discover business insights in real time while simultaneously increasing transactional performance.

The Oracle Multitenant architecture simplifies database consolidation in the cloud. The database-as- -a-service (DBaaS) allows users to manage multiple databases on a shared, scalable, and agile database platform.

With DBaaS facilitated through Oracle Database 12c, customers have improved server utilization and streamlined database management, all while retaining database isolation and with no application changes, the company said.

Oracle Database 12c, according to Oracle, is one of the most rapidly adopted technologies in Oracle partner ecosystem.  The latest release enables customers and partners to develop applications with new types of data.

The JSON support in the latest release allows organizations to store JSON document data in their Oracle Database and query it through traditional SQL and RESTful interfaces.

Attribute clustering is designed to ensure that related columns in a database are physically stored together for faster access.

A new Rapid Home Provisioning feature in Oracle Database 12c simplifies provisioning, upgrade, patching, and maintenance of multitenant database cloud environments, Oracle added.

Obaidur Rashid, senior director, development, Oracle Taleo, said: “By migrating Oracle Taleo Business Edition to a SaaS platform using Oracle Multitenant, we now have a fast, reliable, and scalable database powering our applications to better meet customers’ service-level expectations and help grow our business.”

Brian Pawlik, information services manager, Pulte Group, said deploying Oracle Database 12c with Oracle Multitenant on Oracle Exadata has saved the group $1.7 million in capital expense alone.

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