Oracle claims both and Workday are behind

Oracle Open World 2015Enterprise IT vendor Oracle, while reporting 3 percent drop in revenue to $9 billion in Q3 fiscal 2016, said rivals and Workday are behind.

Last month, Salesforce said it clocked revenue of $1.81 billion (+25 percent) in Q4 and $6.67 billion (+24 percent) for full fiscal year.

Oracle added 942 new SaaS customers in the quarter, including several customers that switched from Workday HCM to Oracle Fusion HCM.

Oracle added more than 250 customers to go live on Fusion SaaS HCM and Fusion ERP in Q3. The IT company has more than 11,000 SaaS customers with nearly 2,000 Fusion ERP customers — ten times more ERP customers than Workday claims to have.

Larry Ellison, Oracle Chairman and CTO, said: “In dollar terms, Oracle is selling more enterprise SaaS and PaaS new cloud revenue than any other company in the world including”

Oracle founder said the technology company is growing much faster than It has more SaaS products than

In some of its important SaaS markets, such as ERP, HCM, supply chain and manufacturing, does not participate at all.

“By competing in all of these markets, Oracle has the ability to sustain its high growth over a long period of time. That should make it easy for us to pass and become the largest SaaS and PaaS cloud company in the world,” Larry Ellison said.

The US-based technology major has generated $7.1 billion revenue from Cloud plus On-Premise Software (–1 percent), $583 million (+57 percent) from Cloud software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) and $152 million (–2 percent) from Cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Total Cloud revenues were $735 million (+40 percent), On-Premise Software revenues were $6.3 billion (–4 percent), Hardware revenues were $1.1 billion (–13 percent) and Services revenues were $793 million (–7 percent).

“Our Cloud SaaS and PaaS revenue growth rate accelerated to 61 percent in constant currency in Q3,” said Oracle CEO Safra Catz.

Salesforce revenue

Salesforce generated subscription and support revenue of $1.68 billion (+25 percent) in Q4 and $6.21 billion (+24 percent) in fiscal 2016.

The Oracle rival generated $708.9 million ($631.3 million) from Sales Cloud, $495.3 million ($367.1 million) from Services Cloud, $294.5 million ($206.6 million) from App Cloud and others and $184 million ($140.4 million) from Marketing Cloud in Q4.

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