Oracle brings PLM Mobile for Agile

Oracle has introduced Oracle Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Mobile for Agile.

The new mobile application — a part of Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management — enables users to access PLM data on the Apple iPad and turn it into valuable and actionable insights.

Oracle says the new PLM is designed to enhance decision making and drive productivity across the entire lifecycle of a product.

Enterprises will benefit as organizations need applications that can securely provide complete visibility into product lifecycle management processes at any time or from anyplace.

Oracle’s PLM Mobile for Agile helps customers increase productivity by providing complete visibility into Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management processes from the Apple iPad.

In addition, Oracle’s PLM Mobile for Agile helps organizations accelerate product innovation and maximize product profitability by eliminating approval bottlenecks and giving process managers the flexibility to manage the lifecycle of a product.

Oracle PLM Mobile for Agile enables users to securely review, respond and react to a range of Agile PLM Product Management Workflows including default and configured.

“Optimizing all aspects of the product lifecycle gives organizations the opportunity to boost their competitive edge by driving process efficiency, accelerating innovation and ensuring quality control,” said John Kelley, vice president of product value chain strategy, Oracle.

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