Oracle adds mobile enhancements to PeopleSoft Campus Solutions suite

Infotech Lead America: Oracle announced new mobile enhancements to its PeopleSoft Campus Solutions suite.

Oracle says these new mobile enhancements enable students to manage key processes through a secure smartphone application.

In addition, the new features will allow institutions to brand, customize and extend the smartphone application to provide maximum value to students through their mobile devices.

The PeopleSoft Campus Solutions mobile features are built on a flexible technology foundation using Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) Mobile.

The framework enables colleges and universities to extend their mobile applications to include websites and other content they want students to access from their mobile devices.

Oracle ADF Mobile also enables the use of security features already built into PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, as well as SMS or email delivery of information, such as final grades.

Mobile enhancements available now allow students to use their mobile devices to enroll, add and drop classes; view class schedules, instructors and locations; access grades; receive notifications; search class schedules with filtering options; and monitor academic progress.

Oracle plans additional mobile enhancements for release later this year, including enabling students to integrate calendars, view account balances and financial aid information, view faculty contact information, manage checklists and take action on notifications such as open class seats, access academic history and progress and plan class schedules.

Cole Clark, global vice president of education and research, Oracle, said: “Higher education institutions have a choice of mobile platforms and a flexible technology framework with Oracle’s Application Development Framework Mobile, which enables them to roll out more information and functionality, maximizing value for their end users.”

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