Oracle Academy and Sharda Group tie up to benefit 4000 IT students

Infotech Lead India: Sharda Group of Institutions (SGI) will integrate the Oracle Academy Introduction to Computer Science curriculum into SGI’s institutions, Sharda University, and Hindustan College of Science and Technology to impart relevant skills to 4,000 IT students.

The tie up to build a foundation of technology programs will help prepare the students for successful IT careers and help fulfil the demand for a highly skilled technology workforce.

The Oracle Academy’s Introduction to Computer Science curriculum includes Database Design and Programming courses. It includes a Java-specific curriculum consisting of four courses (Getting Started with Java Using Alice, Creating Java Programs with Greenfoot, Java Fundamentals, and Java Programming) that are aligned to Oracle certification. The Getting Started with Java Using Alice curriculum helps students with little or no programming experience to learn basic Java programming concepts.

Sharda University in Greater Noida had previously enrolled for the Advanced Computer Science curriculum of the Oracle Academy program.The programme will be launched in these institutions in April, 2013.

The Oracle Academy provides educational institutions with technology, curriculum, professional development and other industry-relevant resources to help awaken and deepen students’ interest in the field of computer science and make them ready to join the workforce.

The Oracle Academy helps 1.9 million students in 97 countries, including 150,099 students from 441 educational institutions across India, gain industry-relevant skills prior to entering the workplace.

This effort will be supported by 41 teachers who will participate in the Oracle Academy’s Instructors Institute, a rigorous professional development program that prepares faculty to teach the Oracle Academy’s IT and business curriculum. Participating faculty will complete 90 hours of online coursework before attending an in-class training event.

During the in-class training, teachers work in sync with Oracle Academy instructors to prepare to teach the Oracle Academy curriculum to their students.

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