Novagalicia Banco and OutSystems select HP Fortify solutions

Infotech Lead Asia: Spanish bank Novagalicia Banco and application delivery platform provider OutSystems have selected HP Fortify solutions to build software security assurance practices.

HP Fortify assists customers reduce their security risk by offering both on-premises and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based solutions to identify, prioritize and remediate application vulnerabilities.

The company claims that these solutions enable organizations to save time and resources by eliminating risks in the early stages of the application development process, when vulnerabilities are easier and less expensive to fix.

Novagalicia Banco selected HP Fortify on Demand to provide the usability, scalability and reliability needed to ease the transition while securing its diverse application landscape.

In addition, HP Fortify on Demand is helping the bank to exceed compliance requirements by building certain Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards into the early stages of application architecture and design.

Roberto Baratta, chief information security officer, Novagalicia Banco, said: “HP Fortify on Demand helps us improve the security of our applications. It also increases our developers’ awareness of security issues and their use of best practices, which are key components of PCI compliance as well as internal and external audits.”

Today, Novagalicia Banco uses HP Fortify on Demand to run ad-hoc analyses on the source code of approximately 400 applications, including critical areas such as mobile banking, e-banking, payment gateways, corporate websites and wire transfers.

OutSystems selected HP Fortify to address the need for enhanced security testing capabilities from design to production, ensuring the delivery of inherently secure enterprise web and mobile applications with the OutSystems Platform.

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