NICE offers Work Manager to prioritize and assign tasks

NICE has launched a back office solution that automatically prioritizes tasks from across an enterprise and assigns them to the most suitable employees for the job.

NICE Work Manager includes a sophisticated workflow engine which provides the guidance and full data needed to process a work item.

The work items include loan application or insurance claim as well as real-time progress reports and unparalleled visibility into back office processes.

The company said the new solution was designed to serve large multinationals with labor-intensive back office operations, such as in the financial services, insurance and healthcare sectors.

According to the company, customer service levels, regulatory compliance and productivity, customer satisfaction and employee collaboration has improved by operational process and workflow optimization.

Also, NICE Work Manager’s routing mechanism applies user-defined business rules to classify, prioritize and reprioritize tasks for distribution according to employee capabilities and skill set, geographical location, business continuity or disaster relief needs and strategic business priorities.

Work Manager’s workflow engine provides real-time monitoring dashboards and user guidance that streamlines operational processes.

This apart, Work Manager creates a coherent picture of back office tasks by joining relevant employee information, background data from disparate systems and task management from various branches of the enterprise.

“All of the NICE Work Manager features are the result of real-world experience in the back office. Our customers requested a fully-featured work management solution that would easily integrate with their existing NICE Back Office solutions,” saidMiki Migdal, president of the NICE Enterprise Product Group.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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