NetApp ships data protection technology to improve system performance

NetApp is shipping Dynamic Disk Pools, a data protection technology to improve system performance.

It is available on big data solutions built on the NetApp E-Series platform.

NetApp also announced that Whamcloud’s Chroma Enterprise management software is available with the NetApp High-Performance Computing Solution for Lustre to help customers reduce management complexities.

Both announcements are significant as machine- and user-generated data is expected to increase at 40 percent year over year.

Dynamic Disk Pools technology administers dynamic reconstructions of failed drives, enabling customers to maintain data availability by restoring a system to optimal performance up to eight times faster than with traditional RAID architectures.

Moreover, Dynamic Disk Pools decrease the performance impact of a failed drive by up to 60 percent. This allows customers to maintain the required performance levels during drive failures, which helps lower overall storage system costs and enables them to more quickly analyze data to speed time to results.

“Technologies like NetApp Dynamic Disk Pools would help the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility deliver consistent, reliable performance even in the face of disk failures,” said Dave Dillow, advanced systems architect for Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the largest science and energy national laboratory in the U.S. Department of Energy system.

NetApp has partnered with Whamcloud to incorporate its Lustre Software Manager powered by Chroma as part of the NetApp High-Performance Computing Solution for Lustre.

The new central management system provides customers with a unified view of their Lustre storage environment. It enables customers to simplify several tasks that are oftentimes complex and time consuming such as installation, configuration, maintenance, monitoring, and fault diagnosis.

“High-performance computing applications are only getting larger and more complex, and, as a result, customers are looking for ways to simplify their environments,” said Brent Gorda, chief executive officer, Whamcloud.

The enhanced NetApp High-Performance Computing Solution for Lustre bolsters NetApp’s portfolio of big data solutions on its E-Series platform. NetApp big data solutions are built on NetApp E-Series and Data ONTAP platforms to efficiently process, analyze, manage, and access data at scale to meet customers’ analytics, bandwidth, and content needs across a diverse number of industries, including oil and gas, financial services, media and entertainment, high-performance computing, and public sector.

“By providing a range of big data-focused solutions across our portfolio, including those built on the E-Series platform, NetApp is helping customers more effectively and efficiently process, analyze, manage, and access their data. Today’s announcement is further proof of NetApp’s commitment to continued innovation to provide customers with the right solutions and technologies to address their specific big data needs,” said Rich Clifton, senior vice president, Solutions and Integrations Group, NetApp.

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