NCR to transform Hua Xia Bank with NCR APTRA Activate

NCR Corporation has signed a software professional service agreement with Hua Xia Bank to transform its banking services with NCR’s latest multi-vendor software application, NCR APTRA Activate.

In a statement NCR Corporation said that the software will run on the bank’s entire fleet of multi-vendor ATMs, self-service kiosks for card issuance and account enquiry kiosks nationwide. NCR will provide implementation maintenance for the new platform, which is expected to begin this fall.

The deployment of APTRA Activate for Hua Xia Bank is significant for NCR because it is the first time in China that a bank’s ATM network as well as its non-cash transaction kiosks will be running on NCR’s multi-vendor software.

APTRA Activate will allow Hua Xia Bank customers to have consistent experiences across all hardware in the bank’s self-service channel, and it will integrate with the bank’s current infrastructure.

By using a single self-service application, Hua Xia Bank will be able to make more efficient use of IT resources and become more productive in application development.

Gary Miao, president, NCR Greater China, said, “This complex and large-scale project involves the integration and running of both cash and non-cash transaction machine types. We are confident that we will be able to meet Hua Xia’s requirements by transforming its customer experience, making their everyday transaction easier.”

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