NCR software powers Dubai Airports to up customer experience

NCR and airline technology
NCR said Dubai Airports has deployed Wayfinding software, available on kiosks, mobile phones, tablets and personal computers to improve the customer experience at Dubai International and Dubai World Central airports (DXB).

Dubai Airports, which has a footprint of 22.6 million square feet, has handled more than 80 million passengers by assisting them in finding their gate and preferred restaurant or duty free shopping to enhance customer experience.

Earlier, Dubai Airports used NCR Wayfinding solution to provide navigation capabilities on kiosks to passengers. To meet the customer demands, Dubai Airports decided to extend this software solution to passengers’ own devices.

Dubai Airports rolled out the software solution using HTML 5 to minimize investments made by Dubai Airports as they didn’t have to develop or maintain multiple apps.

NCR’s platform allows Dubai Airports to maintain navigational information easily. Dubai Airport’s marketing team will have one single content management system for all the airport’s venues to implement changes across both kiosk and mobile/web Wayfinding functions.

“The big advantage for us lies in the flexibility of HTML 5 and therefore the ability to integrate into all of our platforms across our total ecosystem, giving our passengers a consistent experience and ourselves an efficient solution to manage. In a large and complex environment like Dubai International and Dubai World Central airports, that’s a significant step,” said Matt Horobin, head of Digital Media at Dubai Airports.

Dubai Airports has integrated the map solution into staff tablets so the solution can also be used to assist passengers on their journey through the airport, supporting the company’s commitment to customer engagement.

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