NCR opens new office in Draper for bank branch technology team

NCR said it opened a new office in Draper, Utah, for its bank branch technology team including software developers and engineers.

The company’s 50-person team moved from Sandy, Utah, will be responsible for developing NCR Interactive Services that expands consumer relationships with banks.

NCR Interactive Teller, which allows virtual tellers to take remote control of an ATM and engage in a two-way audio and video interaction with customers, is part of the latest banking technology.

The company claims that more than 110 financial institutions in North America have selected NCR Interactive Services to transform their retail banking network. More banks have begun implementing Interactive Services in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Europe.

NCR established its presence in Utah with the acquisition of uGenius Technology in 2013. NCR projects more than $150 million in branch transformation revenue in 2014.

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