NCR Mobile Cash Withdrawal simplifies cardless transaction with barcodes

Bank of Ningbo has selected NCR Mobile Cash Withdrawal allowing users to pre-stage a cash withdrawal using Bank of Ningbo’s mobile banking application.

The customers can later complete the transaction by scanning a 2D barcode using their mobile phone’s camera.

Bank of Ningbo customers will have cardless withdrawal option with the new application which is available on iOS and Android smart phones.

The company said there is no need to enter PIN, code and requested amount at ATMs with NCR Mobile Cash Withdrawal.

The introduction of the additional 2D barcode option of cardless cash withdrawal with NCR’s innovative technology will enhance customer experience.

According to NCR, NCR Mobile Cash Withdrawal is secure and requires no additional ATM hardware and can be deployed with software upgrade.

Few days ago, Victoria Group selected NCR self-checkout technology to improve shopping experience.

Also, NCR Corporation launched a new commerce hub, NCR Retail ONE, to provide frictionless shopping experiences for consumers.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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