NCR launches Kalpana for ATM cloud to reduce cost by 40 percent

NCR Corporation has launched an enterprise software platform, Kalpana software, which moves ATM software and operations to the cloud.

Kalpana software runs ATMs on Android operating system and is designed to eliminate malware, enable rapid deployment of new devices and ATM services.

NCR claims that the new software reduces the cost of running an ATM network by up to 40 percent.

NCR said that Kalpana can cut total cost of ownership to $540,000 from $800,000 per each 100 ATMs.

Kalpana software is capable of connecting to existing ATM networks and other consumer-facing channels to allow transactions and services to be shared and re-used elsewhere.

The thin client Android ATM machine and Kalpana software is to be piloted by US-based ATM owner/operator Cardtronics at locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, beginning later this spring.

Kalpana software also improves agility and helps in bringing new ATM services to market twice as fast as before.

Company officials said the software is capable of reducing cost of security updates, power management, remote management, deployment of new ATMs.

Meanwhile, Kalpana is serving as part of NCR’s software-based strategy.


The company said Kalpana can deliver services to thin clients or Windows-based ATMs whether they are NCR-branded or not.

NCR is simultaneously launching a new thin-client solution, the NCR Cx110 ATM.

“Kalpana software is ideal for financial institutions and independent ATM deployers looking to improve security, quickly advance service delivery through technology, and reshape their cost to serve,” said Andy Heyman, president, NCR Financial Services.

In January, NCR launched DataGuard software solution to protect consumer data such as driver’s license and social security numbers in addition to payment data.

Few days ago, The Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) deployed NCR RealPOS 72XRT systems while replacing 6000 points of sale terminals.

Shilpa Khatri
[email protected]

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