NCR Interactive Teller powers Akbank to better customer experience

Akbank has deployed NCR Interactive Teller to enhance customer experience by increasing access to everyday banking services.

NCR Interactive Teller has implemented three different uses of video banking technology around Istanbul. They include the first European deployment of NCR Interactive Teller on the SelfServ 91.

The three uses of NCR video banking technology include the deployment of an NCR Interactive Teller at main branch will help to decrease teller waiting time and increase in customer satisfaction.

Deployment at Akbank new mini branch concept in Gultepe district of Istanbul will increase the service time for customer from 09:00-17:30 to 09:00-21:00.

Deployment of NCR Interactive Teller solution at Cevahir shopping mall will help to provide banking outlets for the customers where they need it the most.

NCR Interactive Teller

NCR Interactive Teller offer teller services to the customers during non traditional banking hours, and provide full teller services to the areas which are not served by the branches.

Last month, Reliance Bank has launched NCR Interactive Teller in the St. Louis area which will assist customers with up to 95 percent of transactions typically completed by teller.

NCR Interactive Teller will take the advantage of the advanced features of NCR ATMs such as intelligent deposit, bill pay and new account and loan initiation.

“We aim to enhance customer service and effectiveness of our banking services by increasing access to banking services using the technology without losing the advantage of human interactions,” said Orkun OGUN, direct banking executive vice president at Akbank.

In January 2015, University Federal Credit Union has transformed its branch with NCR Interactive Teller.

NCR enables nearly 550 million transactions daily across retail, financial, travel, hospitality, telecom and technology and small business.

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