NCR helps Bell Foods increase sales and lower costs

NCR Corporation, a provider of consumer transaction technologies, announced that Bell Foods has implemented a suite of NCR’s supply chain and merchandising software solutions to drive costs out of their operations and increase sales through a better customer experience.

Bell Foods, a food service distributor in Gulf South, turned to NCR to replace their legacy solution that resulted in major discrepancies in the figures depending on the app they were using.

According to John Bellini III, COO at Bell Foods, NCR provided them with an integrated software platform that performs accurately and intuitively across its entire operation that looks as good as it performs.

Bell Foods has selected NCR Power Enterprise suite, including NCR Power Enterprise, NCR Power Warehouse and NCR Power Sell.

NCR Power Enterprise manages master data, supplier, customers, distribution operations and financials that optimizes the flow of inventory, data and payments through complex supply chains

NCR Power Warehouse efficiently and accurately directs the warehouse operations, with a deep focus on perishable inventory management

NCR Power Sell empowers sales representatives to be consultative, by promoting new items increasing average order size, and improving customer relationships

NCR has provided Bell Foods with some new and powerful tools to increase sales, lower costs and keep their customers happy, Bellini III added.

“Having a powerful software solution to not only track inventory but dynamically position perishables for quick sale is vital for businesses like Bell Foods with a strong reputation for delivering fresh and high quality seafood,” says Todd Michaud, global vice president and general manager, Global Enterprise, Merchandising and Supply Chain Solutions at NCR.

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