NCR announces SelfServ 90 self-checkout solution

NCR announced the availability of the NCR SelfServ 90, a part of its FastLane SelfServ checkout solutions, for using as a free-standing self-checkout kiosk that can be installed on a countertop or mounted on a wall.

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NCR will be targeting high-volume stores with many shoppers checking out small baskets and using credit or debit cards – with the launch of the NCR SelfServ 90.

The company will be displaying the latest self-checkout solution at NFR 2015.

The NCR SelfServ 90, according to NCR, is a new cost-effective solution without the added expense of cash or coin tender options, or a produce and security scale, to retailers.

Retailers can reduce queues during peak hours for customers purchasing a few items, such as during the lunchtime rush when customers come in to purchase lunch items or a snack.

A recent study of consumers in nine countries says 90 percent use self-checkout technology. Their top three responses were convenience (42 percent), ease of use (40 percent) and the speed of checkout technology in comparison to the cashier assisted line (39 percent).

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