NASA deploys Modulus Global software

Modulus Global said NASA has selected its scientific charting technology and custom software development services to process and display high frequency telemetry and health data from the International Space Station (ISS).

NASA required a high frequency solution to process and display up to half a billion data points every second on tablet devices. The end product will allow NASA Mission Control to analyze telemetry and health data transferred in real time from the ISS via a satellite link.

With large amount of low frequency, real time data has been streamed to a mobile device and displayed graphically, this project marks the first time in aerospace industry history.

Since 1977, Modulus has provided off the shelf technology components and custom software development services mainly to financial institutions, stock exchanges and brokerage for high frequency trading.

In 2015, Modulus embarked on a five year mission to transform the company into a technology provider for clients across diverse industries.

In 2014, Modulus was also selected by the IBM Watson group to develop the SharpeMind cognitive application to deliver on demand information about assets. The technology was designed to discover real time insights from massive amounts of unstructured data, enabling investors to make more informed investment decisions anywhere anytime and on any device.

Modulus in 2014, announced the launch of Modulus cybersecurity, a strategic business unit. Modulus cybersecurity certified online brokerages, financial institutions, exchanges and financial technologies companies against Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) security standards.

Shilpa Khatri
[email protected]

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