Narayana Health Partners with CRM Leader Salesforce to Revolutionize Patient Care

Narayana Health, a popular healthcare provider in India, has tied with Salesforce, the leading AI CRM platform, aimed at transforming patient experiences and enhancing operational efficiency.
Salesforce technology for retailNarayana Health will be using Salesforce Service Cloud for patient relationship management alongside the Unified Feedback Management System (UFMS).

By adopting Salesforce’s solutions, Narayana Health has addressed various challenges such as eliminating the need for multiple applications, manual data sharing, and has achieved a comprehensive 360-degree patient view.

These advancements have translated into tangible improvements, including reduced call times, enhanced collaboration, and more streamlined complaint handling processes, thus fostering a smoother patient journey.

Moreover, Narayana Health is leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud to execute targeted preventive wellness campaigns, further underscoring its commitment to proactive patient care. The comprehensive suite of Salesforce tools facilitates seamless information flow between departments, empowering data-driven decision-making and optimizing healthcare services while prioritizing patient experiences.

Persistent, an implementation partner, has played a pivotal role in realizing this collaboration. With over 18 years of partnership with Salesforce, Persistent brings deep domain knowledge, evident through their 7,100+ specialty and practitioner certifications and 300,000+ Trailhead Badges.

Kumar K V, Group Chief Information Officer of Narayana Health, stated, “At Narayana Health, we believe in harnessing the power of technology to bridge healthcare gaps and provide superior services. Our collaboration with Salesforce is a pivotal step towards achieving this vision.”

Arun Parameswaran, Managing Director – Sales, Salesforce India, highlighted the significance of the collaboration, emphasizing Salesforce’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of patients and healthcare providers alike.

Jayati Chatterjee, Vice President of Persistent Systems, echoed the enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled about our partnership with Narayana Health and Salesforce, as we work together to reimagine patient experience by combining technology innovation with process transformation.”

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