NAFDA uses NCR Power Mobile to place orders using mobile devices

NCR on Monday said Power Mobile, a customer relationship management software, is assisting the NAFDA (National Australian Foodservice Distributors Association) to empower customers and sales representatives to place orders using their mobile devices.

NCR Power Mobile helps NAFDA’s foodservice distributors provide an intuitive solution to customers and sales representatives, improving visibility at every stage of the ordering process. This includes real time status updates on product data, promotions, new item lines and the ability to track order status from point of entry through delivery and payment, said NCR.


Barry Hough, financial controller and head of IT at NAFDA, said: “The impact of NCR’s Power Mobile technology includes greater accuracy coupled with increased engagement from customers who can leverage specials and promotions quickly, leading to improved customer loyalty. Companies must embrace the needs of the changing demographics of their customers and flexible technology is key to this.”

Today, NAFDA maintains over 60 distribution outlets with 480 delivery vehicles and 1,250 employees serving more than 33,000 customers.

NCR Power Mobile delivers better customer experience through both tablets and smartphones running iOS, Android or Windows 8.

The company claims that NCR Power Mobile utilizes intuitive workflows to provide consultative selling opportunities that drive sales and foster customer loyalty through improved visibility, including detailed product information such as nutritional data and other media-rich content.

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