N-able Technologies launches RMM solution

N-able Technologies, a provider of remote monitoring and management (RMM) and service automation software for managed service providers (MSPs) and IT departments, has unveiled N-central 9.0.

The standards-based RMM and service automation platform is designed to provide business enablement and technical excellence to N-able partners worldwide.

N-central 9.0 offers unprecedented standards for automated MSP service delivery and advanced remote control of client devices.

The new release provides innovative features including N-able’s Automation Manager, integrated MSP Technician Runbook and Remote Control Manager family of attended and unattended remote control products.

“Since Q1 2010, N-able’s MSP partners have experienced an average growth rate of more than 360 per cent. With the introduction and adoption of N-central 9.0, our MSP partners will be able to achieve an even greater growth rate that is complemented not only by an increase in profitability, but also overall performance and service capability. It’s truly a game-changing technology that will give our partners an even greater edge in the market,” said Gavin Garbutt, CEO of N-able Technologies.

Leveraging N-central 9.0’s web-based design, MSPs have flexibility and choice when it comes to adding and managing complementary technologies and services. For example, N-able partners can enlist a private or public cloud provider for backup and storage. They can also run Windows utilities, such as disk checks and user inspection, through Automation Manager.

“With the advent of N-central 9.0, N-able has redefined MSP service automation and brought to market a never before seen automation platform that expedites the onboarding of new customers and prospects to a matter of minutes and offers significant technology advantages MSPs just won’t find anywhere else,” said N-able’s COO JP Jauvin.

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