MTC Australia deploys Riverbed Application Performance Platform to accelerate Office 365 delivery

MTC Australia, a not-for-profit organization, has deployed a component of the Riverbed Application Performance Platform to accelerate the delivery of Office 365, reduce bandwidth consumption and improve network and application performance.

MTC Australia, with presence in more than 30 locations and over 500 staff, assists approximately 35,000 people annually through training courses, employment services, youth programs and community initiatives.

Branko Ceran MTC Australia

Branko Ceran, CIO of MTC Australia, started overhauling its aging infrastructure by implementing a cloud first strategy in mid-2013. The company deployed cloud-based Office 365 and Lync, along with other business-critical applications running in MTC Australia’s own private cloud. As a result, on-site applications were going to be hosted remotely, which caused concern about network performance.

Riverbed enabled MTC Australia to accelerate application delivery up to 300 percent, resulting in sub-second response times for Office 365, which is located in a datacenter 4,000 miles away. It also reduced bandwidth upgrade costs by two-thirds.

As a result of moving to the cloud, the company’s network traffic increased two to three times, so MTC Australia deployed Riverbed Steelhead to accelerate the delivery of applications and eliminate the need to increase bandwidth. To avoid latency issues with cloud solutions, including Office 365 and other business-critical applications, MTC Australia deployed the Riverbed Steelhead Cloud Accelerator.

In addition, MTC Australia also deployed Riverbed Stingray Traffic Manager to inspect, prioritize and route application traffic. Together, the Riverbed Steelhead QoS functionality along with Riverbed Stingray Traffic Manager ensure that mission-critical Lync Enterprise voice data has priority over other types of traffic.

Riverbed Steelhead and Riverbed Stingray solutions – part of the Riverbed Application Performance Platform – were installed nationally across 28 offices and two data centers in less than a month and began providing immediate results.

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