MongoDB offers new connector for BI and visualization

MongoDB unveils a new connector for BI and visualization to connect MongoDB to industry standard business Intelligence (BI) and data visualization tools.

The connector is designed to work with every SQL-compliant data analysis tool on the market including Tableau, SAP Business Objects, Qlik and IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.

The company said the connector is currently in preview release and expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Earlier, organizations spend more time, cost and complexity as they had to move data from MongoDB into relational databases for analysis and visualization.


Using BI and visualization tools deployed on millions of enterprise devices, every member of the data-driven economy can seamlessly analyze the new data being managed in MongoDB for their modern applications, along with the traditional data in their SQL databases and spreadsheets.

Additionally, organizations can also extend BI to deliver real-time insight.

This apart, MongoDB was initially working with joint customers of Tableau Software to define the critical feature set and to validate the performance and scalability of the integration.

Tableau joined MongoDB on stage to demonstrate the two technologies working together.

MongoDB will include the capabilities as part of the MongoDB 3.2 release which is expected in fourth quarter of 2015.

In March, Walkover Web Solutions migrated from a rival database to MongoDB for its product, MSG91 to improve messaging capability by 100 times.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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